Building Community In Christ

Gathering Times

Sunday July 2nd, 10:30AM 

Community Worship Service

Bear Creek

Daytona Beach

Holly Hill

Community Midweeks

Saturday, July 3rd, 9:30am

Hope Scouts


Thanks for visiting!

We are excited that you found us and look forward to meeting you soon at one of our Gatherings. We are a community of small churches throughout Voluisa County that are excited that God has planted us here. The communities are found along the coast and exist so that others are able to hear about Jesus, see His life in action though our lives and to help serve those who are poor and needy in our communities. We believe that Jesus came to this earth so that we would be given the opportunity for forgiveness,compassion and mercy. But he has kept us here so that we can share the same with you and those around us. So Join Us and help us glorify HIM wherever we are.